Canadian ETFs still missing

I have a client who owns XEG:CN, a plain vanilla canadian energy ETF. He asked me if I can track his portfolio. I can add all of his stocks except that position. I tried adding it with the CUSIP but the system does not recognize. Is there any reason why P123 does not allow Canadian ETFs? I can understand maybe for the ranking / screening part but at least just for the display of return in the live strategies it would be great. You guys made XIC:CN available a while ago but so far it’s the only one and it’s only the benchmark. Many canadian portfolios own canadian ETFs.


It is pretty frustrating how lacking it is overall. Most of this stuff should be fairly easy to put up as well (ex. more benchmarks, etc). There’s not a single Canadian benchmark for the account strategies yet. Doesn’t leave a lot of hope for the European data when even Canadian continues to have so many easily patchable holes.

I’ve brought this up a few times with P123 but nothing came of it. It would be fantastic to have Canadian EFT’s added to the universe for a lot of reasons. I feel like this would give Canadian subscribers better value for their subscription cost that’s charged in $USD.

We will add Canadian ETFs to Manage tomorrow. Instead of setting up a Live Strategy in Research, set one up in Manage and you’ll be able to track Canadian ETFs there. You’ll also be able to search for them using the search box. Adding them to Research is difficult because we have to categorize each one manually. It’s on our agenda, but it might have to wait.

Can you allow them in live strategies instead? I don’t have access to that client’s account so I can’t link his stuff to P123. I’m acting as a consultant to a strategy that he manages (he’s an investment advisor). So basically the best I can do is track what he does with a fictive live strategy. Everything works fine with live strategies except that I am not able to add ETFs at the moment.


You’ll be able to add those ETFs to live strategies manually. I suggest you switch to using Manage, though. It’s a lot easier, more powerful, and more flexible, and you don’t need to link an account. You just have to open a paper account. If you want Paul or me to walk you through it, just let us know a good time.

As long as I can add them manually or with the import that’s totally fine. Ok I will take a deeper look at paper account,

Thanks alot, that’s a big thing!

It seems to be working now! I was able to add XEG:CN manually as a transaction, that’s awesome, I will check it out in more detail very soon!


Just checking in on this one. Is there a way one of us could help get Canadian ETFs up and running? For instance, give us the massive list of Canadian ETF ticker lists and let us add the taxonomy? I think crowdsourcing from the P123 community could be a big help. So many of us are willing to help out for free. Many hands make the work light. Let me know if I can assist with this project or even a slice of it. Canadian ETF modelling is really under-developed and we could be a leader here.

Even adding the ETFs with no taxonomy would be a start just so we could access them with ticker(“”) or inlist requests. There are opportunities for P123 here to increase revenue. If I can help…please let me know.

Canadain etfs are on the list of things to do very soon.

Feel free to enlist my help.