Full set of “Actuals” released

I haven’t spent a lot of time with Actuals yet, but what I have tested hasn’t given me a sense of aha!

One question/concern: If the value of information decreases with its age and both an Actual value and an equivalent 10-K or 10-Q value exist, how can we tell which is the latest?


I'm trying to figure out how to use actuals. I have one case where where preliminary results and guidance was out on Feb 24 for the ticker NORTHM:DNK. The release had quite an impact on the stock price. The final report was filed on the 29th of Feb, however the report was not filed with FacSet until one month later and it looks like that its common for this stock.

Obviously, in a perfect world there would be no delays in FacSet filings. I don't want to sit on a stock that the market has more recent information about than my ranking system.
But now since the actuals are actually filed, what is the best way of using the actuals? The number for EPSInclXorQ and ActualQ(#EPS) differs too much?

We can count days since an actual is released with LatestActualDays, but how do I count days since a Q-report was filed?
It would be really great if there was predefined Stock Factors that would use the latest information (Actuals or Q-report).