Get more information about each transaction

When I go into the simulator on realized transactions, I can aggregate it by industry, but is it possible for me to find out which 11 stocks were included in “Commodity Chemicals” or the 25 stocks in “Transportation Equipment Manufacturing” in a simple way?


It would be interesting to be able to see in more detail which purchases in which industries give me the best or worst results

Makes a lot of sense. Also the download of realized transactions should include Sectgor & Industry. I added it as a task in our current todo list. Thanks

We added the requested functionality today. The Realized Transactions page now has fields for Industry Name and Sector Name. If you enter “Commodity Chemicals” in the Industry Name field and click Apply Filters then it will show only the stocks in that industry. Industry and Sector are also included in the download as long as nothing was selected in the Aggregate field.

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It would also be great to have market size (small mid, mico and large) on this page, so it is possible to study the historical holding of size.

Now that is just possible to see on your current holding: