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Hi everyone!
I’m setting up this account for a new employee and I wondered if there was a way to give him restricted access to a few of the strategies of our main p123 user. Ideally, he would be able to also perform actions on said strategies, like for example weekly rebalancing.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi, thanks for the response! I’ve read that people could make their strategies public for others to see. In this case, I don’t everyone to be able to see the strategy, but just other users. Preferably on their own P123 dashboard.

I think this is what you want. It’s in the Roadmap with a “front-runner” tag which means is next in line. Please comment on the request below, and vote. Thanks!

I like this idea. Would this include automatic “current recommendations” so that a follower could get the latest stock picks? Several of my models rebalance annually, meaning a model’s current holdings might not be suitable for someone who is ready to rebalance their own account on a different date than when my models rebalance.

Not sure I follow the use-case . Can you explain it from a follower’s perspective both in terms of initial alloc and rebalance? Thanks

One thing that might help in the meantime is creating a Research Group with you and your team member to share simulations, screens, ranking systems, and formulas. Click on Resources, then on Research Groups, then on Create Group. Once you create the group, you can go into any of your sims, universes, screens, or ranking systems and change the permissions so that anyone in the group can see it but it still won’t be broadly public. You do this by clicking on the gear, then About, then Edit; you then choose the group in the Visibility box. Clicking on the group will allow you to share custom formulas and other things as well. You can also message people in the group. It’s a great feature and not enough users know about it.

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What kind of sharing are we talking about? Sharing of the strategy recipe can be done via the groups as Yuval says.

I was strictly speaking about the “Manage” area of the site. Something much simpler than what the designer model marketplace now offers.

For use cases like:

  • I want to be able to follow my friend’s account and be alerted when positions change. No money is exchanged between parties.
  • Or be part of a private investment club. Only current holdings are shared.
  • Or follow a newsletter and pay the author a subscription. (we can leverage the watchlist for example to be like a newsletter).

All of those use cases sound appealing. I’d love to see something like a newsletter for non P123 users that includes much of the data & charts shown in the strategies. If there was a way to include “current recommendations” for paying subscribers that would be ideal.

In my specific use case, I was referring to giving “manage” access to a live strategy to another user within the company.
Yuvals suggestion is an excellent one. Although it isn’t entirely what I was looking for, it goes a long way!

OK I think I got it . Naming is the problem. You are not referring to the “Manage” section of the website. By “manage” you are just referring to giving access to the rebalance pages in a Live Strategy under the Research menu (see image). The rebalance pages give you the latest recs , allow you to research deeper with x-ray, and do some discretionary decisions.

This kind of access is something that a PM assistant would need for example to place orders.
Neither of the suggestions above does this:

  • Sharing in a group lets someone else copy the strategy, not manage it.
  • Sharing a strategy in the Manage Section of the website just allows you to follow a model, or strategy. It’s a far cry from the Rebalance pages

In other words you are asking for ability to add additional “assistant” logins with limited access to certain things. How limited is the question? Would you allow the assistant see the ranking factors ? The Bur/Sell rules?

I think we can easily do some of this relatively quickly if we keep it simple, like read only access with ability to run things (rebalances, screens, ranks, etc).

Makes sense?

Rebalancing of a Live Strategy in Research