A stupid question

It may be that this is obvious, but I am going to start buying some stocks live and have under the old subscription I used the “screen” every week to see if there are any new stocks to buy or sell.
I have now upgraded to the “portfolio” subscription, and is there an easier way to do this? An easier way to have control over your entire portfolio? Especially since I have criteria like “lastselldays > 21” and “Rank<91 and StaleStmt = 0 AND NoDays > 10”, which could not be used in “screen”

And just to be sure, this " Rank<91 and StaleStmt = 0 AND NoDays > 10", avoids the simulation to sell the newly opened positions the first 10 days?

Hello Whycliffes, this is what I use. I use simulated strategies, and once satisfied with my strategy, I turn it into a live strategy that automatically buy/sell.

My Sell rule looks like this (for a weekly rebalance of a portolio of 8 stocs)

RankPos > 8 and StaleStmt = 0 and NoDays > 14

Thank you scraby. I altsp have a weekly rebalance, but this “RankPos > 8 and StaleStmt = 0 and NoDays > 14” gave me a turnover on 1600 from 350%?

I have used this “Rank<91 and StaleStmt = 0 AND NoDays > 10//”

Yes a turnover of 1600 would be pretty expensive to trade. For my most active strategies (i.e. Micro-Cap), I try to keep them to about 700 to 900% turnover. I usually let the rank slip by augmenting RankPos until I get to that range.

As @sraby said, the solution is to save the simulated model as a live model. It will then appear under Research - Manage - Live Strategies. When making the live model you can select how the model should be updated when it is running, I use “recommend”. Every monday I recieve an email with a list of changes to the portfolio, after performing the trades I add them to the portfolio by hand.

If you’re running the portfolio with different currencies, make sure to add the prices in the correct currency! In my European portfolio (set to EUR), the stocks are priced in NOK,DKK,EUR, etc. When I add the trades I convert everything to EUR (remember to note the currency prices during trading).