Add Asian Stocks

Much like we did for Europe


is there a timeframe on this?

Asian stocks would be great development. However I’m worried about quality of data.

I base my concerns on the missing/limited financials of European stocks.

  • Known example are Polish stocks, with ~50% stocks not available for historical analysis.
  • The next example are German stocks with 56% missing SalesPQ.

Of the 585 German stocks in our database, 275 report semiannually. (You can tell with this command: InterimMonths(0) = 6.) All of those will have SalesPQ = NA.

The Polish stocks are primarily missing one period: the last quarter of 2022. FactSet is still investigating this. If you go back before 2021, all the quarters are in there. “Not available for historical analysis” is quite an exaggeration. See my comment here: Data quality/availability for european stocks - #9 by pitmaster

Interested. Which countries will be available?