Bug in Imported Stock Factors Dates

It looks like the stocks imported with this feature are bought one day after the specified buy date-
I made an example sim which compares the import of one stock (DE) to a buy with Monthday function:
(try it alternately enabling “Use code” buy rule and “Use Factor” buy rule, then see the transactions page.
I think they are also sold one day late, using the import.

I forgot to include the stock factor csv file:
date value ticker
02/06/2023 1 DE
02/10/2023 0 DE

which can be verified via the “download data” button.

BTW, this sim is a good example of the slow sim runs; This trivial sim takes several minutes to run if the max run period is chosen, even though I am using a “null” ranker (one formula, Price>0).

Another related bug- On the “Stock Factors” page, using “Overwrite” of existing data caused the new data to be appended to the old (don’t know if this was the intention?- if so maybe change the name to append?)