Buy-driven simulations

Hello Yuval & P123 team,

One topic I’ve been interested in is buy-driven sims, i.e. “lowest ranked stocks are sold automatically if and only if a new stock appears in the buy rules.” The P123 default is sell-driven, so a stock which is recently ranking in the top 20 or 30 due to a new filing or technical factors is only purchased if a corresponding stock is sold.

Earlier this year there was talk of making “buy-driven” sims an option. Is there any word on when this is expected (if still being considered)?

Thanks in advance,

A buy-driven sim is one which has only one sell rule, either “1” or nodays>xx.
So there is no need for a “buy-driven” sim option.

Ryan, it has been on the docket for us to do for well over a year but it keeps getting pushed back by more urgent projects. It’s a time-consuming project . . . I still hope that we’ll be able to introduce this feature in the near future.

Georg, a buy-driven sim is one that only sells when there’s a new stock that passes the buy rules. Currently, there’s no way to simulate that properly.

Thanks Yuval, will wait patiently then :-).

Any updates on buy-driven sims?


Ryan - a couple of years ago I was able to create a sim that functions very much like a buy-driven sim would. It’s here: Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks Yuval. Started playing with this over the weekend, looks to do what I’m trying to test, but still working thru. Will let you know of any questions!