Change in "Re-run backtest" behavior on Screen tabs

Hi, I wanted to report a change in website behavior when running backtests of screens from the screen pages. Not sure when this changed but within past couple of months.

  • It used to be that after running a backtest from the backtest tab I could change to the screen tab, change a screen rule, and from the screen tab click the "re-run backtest" from that screen tab. This option remained as long as the last action I'd performed was a backtest.
  • I found the behavoir above very handy for tweaking screen constraints and quickly rerunning backtests. Tweaking rules and rerunning a backtest is probably my main mode of using the screener when investigating ranking system and screens.
  • New behavior is that I can only run a screen from the screen tab, even if the last action was a backtest. This means more lots of clicking between screen and backtest tab when it used to be much easier to run backtest from screen tab.
  • I'd love if the old behavior was reinstated so that the "rerun backtest" option was available on the screen tab following a run of a backtest.

Anyhow, my $0.02. Just wanted to bring it up incase behavior wasn't meant to change. thanks, all the best.


I do find it cumbersome to click a different tab each time to re-run the backtest too

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Agree. It was a poorly thought out fix to previous version. We'll try again. Thanks


'Re-Run Backtest' button on the very right side would be more intuitive.