Data Update Schedule - European Markets

Is it possible to move the Early Monday Final Weekend Data update to finalize before the European markets open? That the update starts 30min after the market is open in highly annoying.
I guess that when we are back testing with the weekend data for Europe as well?


Did you get any response on this?

The data update should probably be done more than an hour before the opening because the update runs for more than an hour:

No, no response.

Yes definitivt, I sittning on my computer refreshing that page every Monday morning…

The Late update is finished late too, after the market is open.

You should set your rebalance to the earlier Sunday night update. On the General tab there's an option for "Early Rebalance" under "Live Recommendations." Click "Yes" and the rebalance will be done at around 11:30 PM CST on Sunday night, which is prior to market open on Monday in Europe.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but by doing that I might miss the latest earnings and estimates and surprises?

You'll only miss any data that FactSet has updated in those four intervening hours on Sunday night.

Estimates are updated on Saturday

However, I have a related question. Are all estimates factors (that are updated only once a week) can be found under the "Estimates" category in the functions/factors list or are there other factors that are updated only once a week only?

As an example, Surprise%Q1 is under "Estimates" category, is this updated daily or only on Saturday? How do we know which factor could potentially be updated daily and which one is updated once a week?

The only factors that are updated once a week are the EPS revisions. In the factor & function reference, click on Estimates, then below that click on EPS revisions. There are 18 specific factors included there. All other estimate factors and functions are updated whenever we download FactSet data.

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