Delete Ranking System Using p123api?


I have noticed that on occasion the “ApiRankingSystem” ranking system gets corrupted somehow, and it becomes impossible to update the ranking system through the API or to view it through the website. The only solution when that happens is to delete the “ApiRankingSystem” manually through the website. It would help to be able to delete the ApiRankingSystem using the api when this happens. Is there a way to do this?



Daniel, the only time I’ve seen the APIRankingsystem fail is if I write bad xml to it or if I use a bad factor. I’m not sure if any of those constitutes a “corruption”. What happens if you manually delete all the factors, or write an empty <RankingSystem> node to it with the API? I’m curious how the “corruption” manifests itself when you manually interact with that RS from the website.



I’m going to try writing an empty ranking system, but I don’t expect it to work. When the APIRankingSystem gets corrupted it is not possible to open it on the website (just gives an error page). I do not believe it is caused by attempting to write bad xml or a bad factor, because once I manually delete the APIRankingSystem on the website I am able to run the routine without incident.


That’s very odd Daniel. I’ve probably written to APIRankingSystem at least 25,000 times and have never had to manually delete it. I suspect some malformed data is being sent somehow. Are you able to view its “text” page in the website or can you not even make it that far? I’m interested in what you find out.