ERROR: Ranking System 'Optimize System - Copy(2107)' exists. Please choose a different name

I have made a lot of ranking systems, and to get more space, I have deleted a lot of them and also moved some of them from unclassified folders to other folders.

But most of them I saved with the default name “Optimize System - Copy(x)'”

That has not caused any problems until now. Because every time I create a new ranking system, it gives it a higher number (x) than any other in my folders.

But today I got this error on all 50 new RS I wanted to create: “ERROR: Ranking System ‘Optimize System - Copy(2107)’ exists. Please choose a different name.”

So fore some reason, it has started to count all over, from 2107, but it should have assigned the RS name a higher number then 2560, witch is the last “Optimize System - Copy(2560)”

Why is this happening, and what can I do?

I don’t want to delete all the Rs from 2107 - 2559.

I tried deleting “2107”, to see if that helped, but for some reason it seems to have stopped creating a unique ID, when opening the RS from the optimizer:


In this case, every time I open a new system, it creates the name of a system that I already have in one of my folders. Like here “1766”

The method used to determine the name of the copy was rudimentary. You can expect a fix this Thursday.