Error resubmitting failed order.

When resubmitting failed orders the trade tool now fails the attempt with this error:

Invalid strategy specified for transaction #1.

This was working a few days ago…

Thanks for letting us know, looking into it.

Looks like you are sending orders from a strategy in Research. This is only possible under the legacy TRADE interface which you can still access from the Activity->Legacy TRADE. See image

The legacy “TRADE” is being phased out. Following a strategy (whether your own Research strategy , or Designer Models, P123 Models, etc) and sending orders to your broker (if linked) will only be supported from the Invest section of the site. You can still resubmit failed orders from the Legacy TRADE.

Have you tried following your Research Strategy in Invest ?

If you want to import all the transactions from the Research Live Strategy follow this steps:

***WARNING. the steps below will be greatly simplified soon. it’s still a work in progress.

In research

Go to your “Live” Research Strategy → Transactions, and download them
Open the downloaded csv file
Delete the first two rows
Copy all the transactions (including column headers) in the clipboard (Ctrl-A , then Ctrl-C)

In Invest

Go to your Invest Account and create a Manual Strategy
Give it a name different than the Research Strategy and choose “Initialize with Transactions”
Paste the transactions from the clipboard
Click on “Identify Transactions”
You should see a summary of all the transactions (dividend transactions are not used since they are recreated)
Click on Validate Transactions
Click on Create & Commit
Now go the Summary page of the new Invest Strategy and click on “Follow Model”->Live Strategy
Pick your Live Research Strategy

At this point your Invest strategy is “following” the Research Strategy, it will alert you to rebalance if it’s out of sync. You still have to rebalance from Research. There’s also a “drive” mode that lets you rebalance from Invest. To switch the mode , go to the Properties from the menu (the three lines) and choose Drive.

Sorry about all the steps.

We are going to make this more seamless.

Let me know

A few months ago I started to setup my accounts on the “invest” platform and I got distracted and left the job undone.
Is it safe to just delete my invest accounts and try again?
The reason I ask is that the delete process will also remove any brokerage linkage I have set up.
Does this broker linkage exist only on the invest platform?
If it does then I should be able to remove the linkage, and then delete the account and try again.
Is this right?