Errors in Universe-filter

Hi all.

I have an issue, with a Universe. I have few rules there, but I still get some companies that seems they avoid the filter of those rules.

My rules are like:

ROA%Q > FMedian(“ROA%Q”,#industry)
ROE%Q > FMedian(“ROE%Q”,#industry)
ROI%Q > FMedian(“ROI%Q”,#industry)




CashTTM > 0
CashQ > 0



If I launch the sim the last month, I get few companies like FLTN, ILNX or KMDA that have no Earnings, and their ROE and so are worst than the median of their Industry, and should have not pass the filter.

Could anybody help me here?


What’s the universe id or name so we can examine it?

The starting universe is important and it affects FMedian (I have to check what universe the snapshot uses)

Note: FLNT is an ETF, and there’s not ILNX ticker

Hello Marco.

Thanks for your help.

This is the Universe:

I use as a starting universe the "United States (included foreing primary) ".

And about the tickers, FLNT it’s a company:

But, ILNX was a typo mistake, sorry.

Hi, My system is long on FLNT so I was worried.

I took a quick look, and the picture of the snapshot shows TTM data, and your rules are Quarterly. So this make it to pass your rules. (FLNT has positive quarterly roa, and negative in a TTM basis)

You can fix negative TTM by adding a “AND ROA%TTM > 0” to your rules or change them to a ttm base.
Not sure if this fix all the other things… I only checked for ROA.
(Sorry the bad English)
Hope this helps,

Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 12.05.44

The Snapshot uses this Aggregate() for the industry, not a median. Aggregate has some key defaults too, like 16.5% outlier trim from both sides

Aggregate(“ROE%TTM”,#Industry, #Avg)

Please show a specific example of a problem so we can better assist. For example there are no column names in one of the screenshots. Also there seems to be two problems mentioned, so it’s a bit confusing.