Europe launch tonight

website will be down 11PM - 12AM. More updates to follow

Will we be given temporary access or do we have to add a subscription at this point?

Launch went ok it seems , at the moment.

You can access European data with a North America subscription in DATA pages (like Snapshots and Fundamental charts) and MANAGE.

To access RESEARCH tools with European universes you will need to add European region to your subscription.

Let us know what you think. This was a long laborious project.

Thanks - very happy to have access to Europe! I’m also happy to see how all the Portfolio123 tools work exactly as expected with the new data (and that my US models also seem to work here).

Very pleased so far.

Congratulations p123 team, that’s very exciting!

Do you have an estimate for when linked IBKR trading of Canadian and European stocks might become available?

No, we don’t, but it’s a pretty high priority for us. We’re working on it!