European data is now available!

European data is now available for subscribers (check out my latest blog “How to Make Money Trading European Stocks.”).

Here’s how to get it. Click on your avatar in the top right corner of your window. Select “Account Settings.” Click on “Subscriptions.” Click on “View/Modify.” You’ll see your existing subscription. Now click on “Europe & UK.” You’ll see a price change. Click on “Continue” and that will take you to a billing page.

We will give you a prorated account credit on your current membership if applicable, and your new membership will begin today. Whether you choose to be billed annually or monthly, you’ll be billed from the date you take the subscription, so your payment schedule will change from what it is currently.

Just a reminder that our referral and affiliate programs are also available for European members and have the potential to significantly lower the cost.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Hi Yuval,

Just wondering if you’ve added some of the European data that was missing from the beta server, e.g. Short Interest, earnings surprises and insider transactions.



We are still working of some missing datasets for Europe like Revisions & Insider. Those will be available next month. Sorry about the delay in these. There was a lot of unexpected work in Europe for many other things.

Surprises are there but there seem to be a lot less interim estimates. For example there are ~2600 stocks with CurFYEPSMean but only ~1150 with CurQEPSMean. We’re still analyzing this. So far it seems that’s what we get from FactSet. This in turn affects our pre-built surprise factors like SalesSurp%Q1. Long story short, we’ll introduce additional pre-built factor for Europe like SalesSurp%Y1 to complement SalesSurp%Q1 and for Europe it might be best to just use annual estimates. For now you can just use SalesSurprise(0, ann).

NOTE: Interim estimates like CurQEPSMean will return either 3mo data or 6mo. We’ll be explaining all of this soon in KB articles and documentation.

The following datasets will not be available in Europe: short interest, ICE corporate actions, and bid/ask spread. The availability or not for particular factors & functions will be documented in the reference which is going through several upgrades.