FHist now safe to use with split sensitive factors

Dear All

We have released a fix for FHist that was returning split adjusted values in the past using different dates. It now evaluates to the correct value for the observation date. The example below illustrates the fix. AAPL had a 4:1 split on 2020-08-31 which caused @1 and @2 to be 4x higher than @0.

This problem has been fixed and all three values now return 3.29


//Run with as of 09/05/2020
EPSExclXorTTM | 1
ShowVar(@0, FHist("EPSExclXorTTM", 0))
ShowVar(@1, FHist("EPSExclXorTTM", 1))
ShowVar(@2, FHist("EPSExclXorTTM", 2))
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