FIGI and asOfDts parameters added to the Data_Universe endpoint and FIGI added to Rank_ranks

The DataUniverse endpoint had 2 parameters added:

  • asOfDts: Accepts multiple dates as a array of strings. Can be used instead of asOfDt which only takes a single date.
  • FIGI: Either "Share Class" or "Country Composite" to return the FIGI type requested.

You will need to update the python package to use these new parameters.



Here's a Google Colab for this API that

  • pulls in data for two dates for DJIA
  • normalizes using minmax
  • saves results to a csv file in your google drive


  1. Save a copy of the colab file to your google drive.
  2. Enter your API key info.
  3. Click the Play icon in each code section, in sequence.


Dan, is there a plan support the figi parameter for the /rank/ranks API endpoint too? I'm implicitly getting my universe of tickers/stockids through the returned ranks from this endpoint, so it would seem natural for this to support returning FIGIs too.


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FIGI has now been added to the rank_ranks endpoint.