FolioFN to IB and Trade

Like many, I was using FolioFn quite happily with Portfolio123 for a number of years, before being dumped with IB earlier this year.

I now have one of my accounts that trades monthly with two strategies set up now to have IB link to Portfolio123 with TRADE functionality and that seems to be more or less working (other than the nuisance of having to get rid of all the fractional shares that were in the Folio Account to begin with). But I’m left with a couple of questions:

First, is there documentation to the TRADE function somewhere on this site? The guides all seem to focused on screening and functions, and may pre-date the addition of TRADE. I’m still not entirely sure that I correctly understand how a managed portfolio strategy links with a live book with a live strategy and when I need to update each of those. I’ve been fine playing with one account to figure it out, but would like to better understand what I’m doing before taking it further.

Second, I now need to tackle a separate, taxable account that was trading yearly to minimize taxes. What I had been doing with that strategy was run six separate Folios, with one trading every other month and each one trading at once a year (plus a day). Those folios would hold some of the same assets, but some different, as securities entered or left the screen. Of course, now what I have is everything dumped into one IB account, without distinction.

What would be the best way to recreate that in IB/TRADE? Can I simply create 6 versions of the same strategy within the account (or 4 and trade one each quarter)? Or will that create problems if the same security is held in multiple strategies without IB getting a clear signal that it is supposed to sell the block of shares acquired with the stratecy (as opposed to other blocks that held for less than a year)?

Is there any way to assign the existing holdings to strategies on the basis of the date the shares were acquired?

Finally, saw a mention in another thread here (,12697#!#76882) about being able to import data from FolioFn into an IB/Trade strategy to recreate the history of what you were doing in FolioFN. I can’t say that I fully follow this or how to do it. Is this potentially relevant to enable Portfolio123 to make sense of the pile of securities in my IB account that are not assigned to any strategy? Or is this something else?

Any suggestions about how best to approach this would be most welcome.

Have you explored the Manage tools? That’s what they’re all about.

Start with reading the pages in the Overview section here:

Then let us know if you have any questions. Paul or I would be happy to walk you through this if you’d like.

I imported all my transactions from Fidelity to set up an account and strategy on Manage, and every night after I trade I import that day’s transactions. With my IB accounts I place all my orders from Manage and the transactions are automatically synced in real time with real-time prices and fills.

TRADE was replaced by Manage a couple of years ago, so there’s not much documentation about it. It still works, but we encourage all users to use the Manage tools instead since they have been developed specifically to enable active portfolio management through Portfolio123, both automated and manual.