Formula / missing left parenthesis

P123 rejected this formula, saying that "missing left parenthesis" but I could not fix it. Could anyone help please?

(EMA_D(9,1) < EMA_D(9,2)) AND (Close(1) < Open(1)) AND (Close > Open) AND (Open < Close(1)) AND (Close > Open(1)) AND (((Open(1) - Close(1)) / (close-open)) <= 0.7)


This runs BUT make sure I did not change the meaning.

(EMA_D(9,1) < EMA_D(9,2)) AND (Close(1) < Open(1)) AND (Close(1) > Open(1)) AND (Open(1) < Close(1)) AND (Close(1) > Open(1)) AND Open(1) - Close(1) / (close(1)-open(1) <= 0.7)

Zero stocks pass the screen today. Nothing would pass this I think: (Close(1) <Open(1)) AND (Close(1) > Open(1). So you would have to fill in the open and close for this: (Close(1) < Open(1)) AND (Close > Open).

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It should probably be Close(0) and Open(0) instead of Close and Open. The message is intended to suggest that it's missing a left parenthesis for a function.


thanks, now I know that I should put it as Close(0) < Open(0) i/o Close < Open. Thank you.