Headhunter Group PLC ADR share transfer?

Does anyone else have the misfortune of purchasing this ADR, Headhunter Group PLC which operates a staffing company in Russia? The shares were bought Feb 2022 and have been frozen from trading since the invasion of Ukraine, so I have been unable to sell the shares for going on 2 years, now Interactive Brokers is forcing me to liquidate the shares for nothing unless I can find another broker to transfer the shares to. Does anyone hold the shares in an account somewhere if so can I please get the name of the broker that will accept the transfer of the shares or if you have any information it would be greatly appreciated.

Kind of strange why sanctions require investors unfortunately to hold Russian stocks before the invasion to bear the cost.

Maybe I need to avoid DRs?

I can’t help you, but Fidelity is allowing me to keep my ADRs in another Russian company, Mechel, even though they’re untradeable. Interactive Brokers are terrible about doing strange stuff with corporate/government actions. I’m currently having a serious issue with them because of BETS.B, a Swedish gaming company that is doing a weird dividend distribution via a split; IB has frozen my position.

Yuval thank you for the information.
To make matters worse the shares are held within a registered account so even if Interactive Brokers would allow me to transfer to my investment/margin account it would be considered a RRSP withdrawal and I would have to pay tax on what may be worthless shares without being able to claim a loss. The annoying part is the way they are making me dispose of them that I will never have the opportunity to sell the shares even if they do become tradable in the future.