Help me to remember the url of a site

some time ago on this forum I read about a journalist (or investor), that on his blog (or website),
propose each year a list of 20 stocks (or more). His portfolios have performed well so far, beating s&p quite often.
His website is “spartan”, no frills. The url of his site might contain the name of an american city.

I know…I am pretty vague, but this is what I remember. I tried to do a research on this forum… but nothing for the time being.

Thank you

Perhaps this is what you’re looking for?

Mohnish Pabrai is fairly well known and maybe does something like this, unsure how his performance has been though.

I made a Stock Factor from all Eddy Elfenbein Lists (Crossin Wall Street - CWS) since 2005.
There was no advantage to follow this selection of stocks. One would have been better off just holding ETF (SPY).

Thank you guys! Eddy Elfenbein was my man :slight_smile:
Surely is not the solution. Anyway I wanna try to use machine learning to get that part of Eddy’s stocks performing better. Only a game without any pretense :slight_smile:

Thank you again