How do you like TRADE?

I’m thinking about using P123’s TRADE feature and wondering how people like it. Please let me know. thanks, Debbie

It is fantastic.

I have got ports with 100 positions.
It is just three clicks to rebalance.
Works perfect with IB

And all executed tradeprices are updated to the port on P123

Unfortunately it does not work with canadian stocks yet.

Been using it for about a year now. No problems so far.
The tool is just short of perfection. To make it that way, two things should be done:

  1. Interface to other brokers. Currently IB is the only one.
  2. It only handles DAY orders, it would be better if we had the option to automatically resubmit un-filled orders.

TRADE is very convenient and works reasonably well. But, there are some things that I’d like to incorporate, such as checking bid/ask spreads before submitting orders.

It’s on my “to do” list to write a program in Python or R, and automate trading via the Interactive Brokers API. One downside is that it wouldn’t be as convenient, since I wouldn’t be able to connect back to P123 and update ports or books.

And I would second the motion to connect to other brokers, such as Folio.

Connecting to different brokers will likely be using third party APIs, like We are in touch with them to try it out. It’s free at the moment as they are a new startup and are trying to attract users. There are downsides: not all brokers are supported (IB for example since it has strict security) and you’d have to enter your broker account & password. Not sure if credentials have to be entered every time or if we can store them (encrypted of course) in our servers.

We’re looking into getting some intra-day prices.

TRADE is due for upgrades so keep the feedback coming.


Would love be to be able to execute trades after open automatically from a port with an open(-1) in one of its buy rules.

If you’re taking suggestions, here are a few more:

  1. add conditions to check before sending orders, such as:
    a) bid/ask spread and size
    b) current bid/ask spread versus historical bid/ask spread (would need intra-day prices)
    c) if bid/ask spread does not reach target by a certain time, send orders (e.g., market, limit)

  2. conditional orders, such as sending buy orders only after sell orders are complete (or sufficient cash is available), which would be useful for accounts that don’t allow margin

  3. this is not necessarily related to TRADE, but it would be nice if P123 can download the cost to short, available from IB daily, and allows users to reference in buy/sell rules for ports. This would avoid recommendations to short stocks that are too expensive to short.

P123 has buy and sell rules, it is time for a new rule set that controls trading.

The only reason I do not use TRADE is because I trade CFDs instead of stocks. It would be great if we can select whether to trade CFDs or stocks.


I never use it.


It’s useless to me without support for Canadian stocks.

I was getting to much slippage at IB. In addition, I was not getting the open auction price when I was trading odd lot sizes. Now, I run my screens on P123 but execute on Motif. I also have a long term value IRA that I trade at TradeStation using peg orders for microcaps.