How to follow a live EU strategy and manually trade it in IBRK linked account

I have an interactive brokers linked account (automatic trading works only in US). Now, in my IBRK account, I created a new live model and follow it. I do not see how I can follow a love EU model, and import manual trades. The only option when I activate the live model is to automarically trade throuigh Interactive Broker (but it is currently not supported).

Just wondering what is the alternative.

Thank you

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We are working on this so that everything will automatically sync up. Once P123 can do Canadian and European trades from IB accounts, it’ll all work just as it does for US trades.

In the meantime, you can manually import the trades you’ve done, but it takes a bit of work. Here’s how to do it. Download the trades from your IB account in a CSV file. Fix the date format so that it’s mo/day/year. Convert the currency to USD for both the price and the commission if your account is denominated in USD; if it’s in CAD, convert to CAD.

Now create a strategy in your linked account if you haven’t already done so. Click on the strategy, then click on the three bars next to “Summary,” then click on “import transactions.”

Copy the information in your CSV file (including headings if you can, though that’s optional) and simply paste it into the box, then click “Identify Columns.” Check to make sure all columns are correctly identified. Then click “identify transactions.” P123 doesn’t yet recognize “SLD” as “sold” so you’ll have to “Resolve to” Sell. Then click “Validate transactions” and confirm.

I do this every evening on days when I trade European stocks, and while it might seem daunting at first, it becomes easy after a bit. We are going to make all this much easier in the near future.

Please let me know if this answers your question or not. Perhaps you were asking about something else.

Yuval, how are you generating the trades for you IB account to begin with? Do you have a live EU strategy capitalized with the amount of dollars you are allocating in your IB and just manually submitting those exact trades to IB each week?

And the strategy you create in your linked account is just a manual strategy?

I had been wondering the same question as sraby myself, as I have both Canadian and European strategies waiting on the sideline, and I was wondering if should try to make it work manually or wait for p123 to support the linked trading.

Personally, none of my trading is fully automated. I use a screen and a spreadsheet to decide on all my trades. So, yes, I have a live EU strategy capitalized with about 20% of my investing money and I manually submit trades to IB. (The rest of my investing money is in Fidelity in US and Canadian equities.)

Thank you Yuval, than answers my questions. I have my european strategy ready, and I will trade it manually, and follow your process to keep things in sync.


Hi Yuval, I do not see the option to “import transactions”. I only see the following options:

  • Add Transaction
  • Add Transactions
  • Close Positions
  • Add/Reduce Exposure
  • Transfer Transactions
  • View as Watchlist
  • Compare All
  • Pin
  • Properties
  • Delete

Am I missing some authorization / priviledge on my account to see that option?



Oh, I apologize. “import transactions” is only available in paper accounts, not in linked accounts. So you’d need to import the transactions into a strategy in a paper account.

Either that or wait until we enable trading in Canadian and European stocks in linked accounts. I’m hoping that won’t be too long, but I can’t give you an ETA at the moment.

For those interrested, I created a script with “Easy Data Transform” that will convert Interactive Broker Activity to what is expected by P123 to import (for european stocks).

I’m interested! Please share.


EU-Transform.xls (9.5 KB)
EU-Transformed.xls (846 Bytes)
EU.xls (5.3 KB)

  1. Create an IBRK Flex Queries

  2. Query Name: P123

  3. Sections: Trades, Executions, SELECT ALL

  4. Delivery Configuration: Format CSV

  5. General Configuration: Date Format: MM/dd/yyy

  6. Run the P123 Flex Queries for the desired timeframe

  7. Save the Format as CSV, and name the file EU.csv (you can change that in the EasyDataTransform later

  8. Put both the CSV and the EasyDataTransform in the same directory

  9. Make sure you specify the Input File (first box in EasyTransform) to be EU.csv

  10. Also Specify an Output File (last box in EasyTRansform)

  11. Execute EU-Transform.transform

I attached examples for an Input (EU.csv), and the output (EU-Transformed.csv)

I had to rename the files to attach it to this post. Once downloaded, rename as follow
rename EU.xls to EU.csv
rename EU-Transformed.xls to EU-Transformed.csv
rename EU-Transform.xls to EU-Transform.transform (easydatatransform script)