How to get 4 week return in "get series" in "Showvar"?

It’s probably easy, but I didn’t catch this one.

How do I get the 4 week return in “get series” in “Showvar”?

ShowVar (@ 4wkRet, Close (0, GetSeries (“Pr4W% Chg-SP500”)))

I can’t figure out what you’re trying to do.

GetSeries is used for aggregate series that you’ve created, tickers, or series that we have in our database, which are listed here (click on Misc, then on Time Series IDs).

Im trying to get the % performace of a ticker show up in the screen. I think somthing like this:

ShowVar(@4wkRet, (Close(0,#bench)-Close(21,#bench))/Close(21,#bench)*100)

Would this do it? Or do you want the increase vs the benchmark?

ShowVar(@4WRet, Close(20)/Close(0)*100)

If I understand it correct, your ShowVar will only show the % return of the ticker that has met the screencriteria. What I want is to have the % return of a benchmark like SPY altso show in the screen. :slight_smile:

ShowVar(@4WRet, 100*(BenchClose(0)/BenchClose(20)-1))

That worked perfectly!!