How to use a P123-model

I want to look at some P-123 models (like “Profitable Leaders”, “MSCI Europe” or “Small Cap Quality”). I can see the the models and read their descriptions, but somehow can’t seem to use the model, there is no button to copy it or modify the rules for my own purposes.
When I want to create a new strategy those models can not be selected, they don’t show up as a clickable choice.
What am I doing wrong?

Click on the gear next to the model name and you should see a couple of save selections. You don’t have that choice?

thanks for your reply.
No, none of the strategies mentioned above do show up. Neither in “Live strategies” nor “simulated strategies”.
No gear-button to click for saving it.

Walter is correct. Please try again. If you don’t see the model names, click on the left border of your screen to pull them out.

Yuval, thanks for your reply.
Now I found out: Some P-123 models CAN NOT be customized

Therefore can not be used for experimenting with the model.
Namely: “Small Cap Quality” and “Gems of the SP 1500”.
Why are they there then?

Or is there another “trick” to be able to customize them (use for own purposes and modifications)?

Oh, those models. It looks like a policy decision not to allow some models to be copied as per the note at the page bottom:

Some P123 Models strategies are private and cannot be customized.

For some models - like S&P 500 - even the equity curve is hidden.

yes, I overlooked the small print at the bottom of the page.
Strange policy decision to publish these models first and then disable them for modification and use.

Those models were invented years ago and were never meant to be publicly exposed. The other models were intended to be publicly exposed and were created later.