Hyperbole for sure. But it is Reuters

So if it “threatens humanity” and will “surpass humans in most economically valuable tasks” it could affect the stock market, how we invest or the economy. A little bit at least: OpenAI researchers warned board of AI breakthrough ahead of CEO ouster, sources say

So, I was finishing up some CME credits after studying a “Retina and Vitreous” text. There was a test afterward to get the CME credits. ChatGPT passed the test and would have been awarded the CME credits. Without studying! Answers instant with well-written reasoning.

No doubt that I am a better ophthalmologist than ChatGPT. How could there be any question about that? But seriously, ChatGPT did good. And it programs Python better than I can.

If ChatGPT gets better is it really hyperbole?. It is one thing to read about it. Another to take the test side-by-side and see it get answers that you missed (and generally do well). There will be an impact, I think. It won’t look like people predict perhaps but OMG!


Look beyond just OpenAI and you’ll find a company firing on all cylinders, ready to capture the generative AI moment

Just last week, the company revealed that it is operating the third most powerful supercomputer in the world (bar some secret Chinese systems). The Eagle system burst onto the Top500 ranking as the fastest supercomputer ever operated by a private corporation.