I have an unusual inquiry concerning testing my strategy

I tried the strategy - in different time periods - in different universes - with a variety of rules from public screens - diverse market cap - a variety of different public ranking systems - how it performs in a bear market and so on.

I understand that most users will try to protect their own strategy, but for those of us who are just starting out, it would be a benefit and an opportunity to learn if someone knowledgeable could examine and test the strategy and provide input without us having to publish the strategy to everyone.

I am not interested in coding or specific trading tips, but rather in learning from more experienced traders in order to improve the strategy and avoid the common pitfalls that novice traders face.

Is this something that has to be addressed to specific people or do support altso provide such inputs? :slight_smile:

I would be glad to take a look. Simply e-mail the URL to yuval@portfolio123.com.

Thank you; I’ve sent you an email.