IB Broker account linking not working

Today all of my accounts at IB say:
Broker account linking > could not verify

As a result I am unable to place any trades.

My accounts show the same error message today, too.

Yes, the account updates failed this morning and all accounts were disabled.

Trying to fix it now.

We activated the accounts that got disabled this morning.

Please note that positions and cash amounts are as of yesterday. If you did any trading on IB platform we don’t know about it.

Thanks Marco. If I were to place a trade today directly with IBKR, would the positions and transactions be automatically synced Monday morning? Or would I need to manually reconcile somehow?

We use account updates in the morning to synch up differences. If you do all your trading from P123 things should be fine. If you sold something on IB yesterday then sell it again on P123 today is where you will get into trouble and end up with a short.

Also, the cash is always going to be off slightly, even w account updates, due to several reasons: rebates, margin, etc.

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