IMPORTANT: we are investigating potential data problem causing differences in reruns.

Something definitely seems unwell. We’re getting lots of reports of changes in simulated reruns and we’re seeing that as well. Seems to only affect FactSet user, not Compustat users.

We’ll report as soon as we know something

Thank You for your patience

We’re doing a clean reload and running tests. In the meantime we welcome any examples that point to clear change from earlier this week. Thanks

Might be related to RBICs getting mangled up.

Thanks for working on this!

Please try it now. FactSet RBICS was basically busted by a bad thing we did for Europe. Sorry about that.

Looks much better now - thanks!

Thanks for the quick response. Now all back to normal though still having very minor difference from the old version which is about 0.x% of AR change.

That makes sense. I did ran a screen on a live strategy on Friday and it had me turning over half my holdings on a strategy that has 100-200% annual turnover. I found that odd. Reran it today and no turnover, so seems something was fixed.