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For those of you who use IB, how do you handle having multiple portfolio strategies? Do you have a separate account at IB for each, or can you set up some kind of sub account there under one main account to keep strategies separate? I currently use FOLIOfn, and they make it very easy to set up “folios” to track different strategies. I am looking at some micro cap strategies and feel I would need some of the advanced order options that IB provides, but still want to be able to keep different portfiol123 ports separate. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Just quickly since I do not have a solution (but the same problem you have).

I have resigned myself to keeping an account at FolioInvesting and trading a small amount in the Folios and also using these transactions to edit the P123 ports.

Maybe not the worst way to go considering the transaction costs are certainly higher at Folio (for me). So the Folio results are conservative.

I will be interested in whether someone posts a solution.


I know of no solution for keeping strategies separate in an account, but I do try to trade the more illiquid stock selections on IB due to high likelihood of partial fills, sometimes even that rascally bot that will buy 1 share at a time. :wink: You might just email them to see if there’s a way to partition the account. I’ve had decent luck with replies from their customer support.

I use IB - have created separate accounts but linked to the same login/username.

If you find a solution to tag strategies within same account let me know

The new release we’ve been working on (for too long) will introduce the concept of “account” and “strategies” within the account. This way you only need one broker account. Similar to what Folio does. It also makes it very easy to resize a strategy, liquidate a strategy , buy a different one, duplicate one, etc.

Sorry I can’t be specific as far as launch date, but it’s getting close.

And yes, the new release is very powerful if you have an IB connected account using TRADE. We hope to support other brokers in the future, but for now it will only be IB.