Is it possible to search for the number of IPO’s within a certain time period?

we have IPO date but it’s not directly exposed. I think it’s already planned

In the meantime this seems to work

Close_D(60)=NA and Close_D(30)!=NA

It will find stocks that had no price 60 days ago but had a price 30 days ago

Thanks. So if I want to find instances where the total number of IPO’s during that time frame is above or below a certain threshold, say >50, how would I amend the syntax in this rule? I’ve played with it, maybe I’m missing something obvious.

The easiest way would be to chart Marco’s formula above using the Aggregate Series tool.

If you wanted a screen result, you could use ShowVar with FSum, e.g. FSum(“Close_D(60)=NA and Close_D(30)!=NA”)

Ok. Thank you.