Link with other brokers: Fidelity, E*Trade, etc


Support linking with other brokers. The exact list of brokers will be defined before this project kicks off. Not all brokers support the APIs we need for a seamless integration.

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I would be interested in sponsoring this if the brokers under consideration would include Tradestation and Fidelity. Thanks,

We would use for this which does support TradeStation and Fidelity. However Fidelity does not have an official API so linking is done unofficially.

I would be interested in this too if a link is created with Schwab. Is this a possibility and will you announce the brokers prior to the project beginning?

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Looks like they have an integration SnapTrade | Brokerage Integrations

Although it's a 'Login Credential' integration, not an API. Not sure exactly what that means exactly. If this project gets traction I'll make sure to test it with my Schwab account

It is a read-only connection with Schwab, which means that you cannot use SnapTrade to send orders to Schwab.

Uhm, that would be odd then since the company name is snaptrade

I spoke to them before, I don't recall a mention of read-only connections. Is that info from the website or did you ask them? I sent them a message asking them how many of their connections are read-only. Thanks

In the website. It says "This integration does not support trading."

Shoot. I see it now... those big orange buttons that say "Trade". And should have clicked through too. Thanks.

Looks like many are read-only, including e*trade which has an API. Odd. Fidelity too, shoot.

Strangely TD Ameritrade, bought by Schwab, still works. So transferring account to TD could be a solution.

Retail TD Ameritrade accounts are probably not available any more. Mine were changed to Schwab without a choice allowed. Schwab continued some TD Ameritrade functions, so perhaps they would allow the TD Ameritrade API with Schwab accounts?