Manual transactions in a manage account

I have a “manage” account that is connected to IB.
Is there a way to enter a trade manually without passing it to IB?

I’m trying to add a trade done in the pre-market to the account.

We only sync IB positions once a day, at 8:15 CST, before market open. Tomorrow you’ll be prompted to reconcile due to diverging positions. The only way you can enter adjusting transactions is through the reconciliation process. Please let me know if any of this is unclear or if you have further questions.

Unfortunately no. When we sync up accounts in the AM tomorrow you will get a notice that the positions don’t match and it will show you a way to enter a reconciliation transaction.

Should be easy to allow this for the next time. Let me see what we can do. Thanks

OK, I can work with that.
Thank you gentlemen.

BTW the best solution would be to support trading in the pre-market…