Multiple Ports Question

I use FolioFn currently, and the main feature keeping me there is the fact you can set up separate “Folios” under the same account, so you can have a different one for each port with P123. This makes tracking very simple.

For those using other brokers and/or trade, how do handle tracking multiple ports with your broker? Do you have a separate account for each port? Do you just track offline or use the actual port data within P123? I like to have a way to track directly at my broker so I can reconcile to the P123 port.

Thanks All.

Hi Charles,

I do the same thing and have the same question. But I will probably never give up my (now small) Folio account. I could provide continuous, error free data, that could not be manipulated, with actual slippage and commissions from 2013 for many ports I fund now. Data that could verify any pretty equity curves P123 provides.

Still, an excellent question.


Hi Charles,

I use IB with one account per port (the same IB login allows to see all your accounts = all your ports). Works very well but make sure you are above the min ($asset and / or #trades / month) to avoid paying a $10 monthly maintenance fee.
Very easy to open a new account under the same login once you already have an existing account. Also very easy to close an account. All online. All fairly quick.

I have coded my own “back-office” system to do a few more things that Trade allowed to do a few years back but I would suggest you use Trade as a starter to link your P123 ports to each of your IB accounts. I am no expert on Trade and loosely following what is happening but it seems to get better and better.


Thanks for the feedback, Jerome. Much appreciated.