New bug in Multi Charts

In Multi Charts, the “C” option, which allows to compare returns of various tickers, doesn’t work today 1/4/23. Charts disappear when “C” is checked. It was OK yesterday.

There’s something maybe funky when you switch them over one by one to C , but when all are C is seems ok. We did not do anything to the chart lately. Please screenshot or settings to reproduce. Thanks

Very strange. Works here

It works today for me too. I have tried unsuccessfully several times yesterday with different tickers. Very strange. I’ll keep you posted if it happens again.

It was OK yesterday in the morning, then the same issue suddenly appeared again. I hoped it would work today. Nope.

Multi Chart doesn’t seem to always be handling holidays properly. There’s currently no plan to work on this the issue. The workaround is to press the to the right of the date range options and change the end date.