New configurable forum sidebar

Dear all,

We activate the Discourse sidebar for our forum navigation. It’s very easy to configure to get the most out of this very powerful software. Here are the highlights:

Nice feature. Thanks.

Thanks Marco.
I’d still like to be able to sort posts by oldest first when you get the time.


So not the Activity column but the creation date of the first post in the topic ?

Try adding this to the URL


Marco, I don’t think that works.
Say I wanted to learn about the Optimizer and the best way to do that may be to find the first time its introduced in the forum, where new features are usually explained in detail.

If I use this URL, it does not appear to have the desired effect.

Does this work when you try it?


In Discourse there’s no reliable way to sort by oldest first. This advanced searches are as close as we can get I think

Optimizer #latest-release group:staff
Optimizer #latest-release @marco

The above searches for “optimizer” in the Latest Release category for posts by either the staff or myself

Marco, perhaps this plugin will do it.

tagged as “broken” :frowning: