New feature: text editor in screens, universes, and simulation buy and sell rules

You can now edit text in screens and universes and simulation buy and sell rules by simply pressing a little button that says “Text Editor.” This allows you to very easily create screens like this one without a whole lot of typing: (I used this to measure the median sales growth of a typical company from year 1 to year 20). You can also add a bunch of new rules by simply pressing the return key, or delete huge numbers of unused lines all at once. You can easily copy and paste rules between screens, universes, and simulations. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Excellent! Thanks, P123!

Thank you Yuval. Very helpful.

Great improvement. Thnks
Any advice on how to format nested functions so that they are easier to review? ie. Eval(cond1,f1,Eval(cond2,f2,Eval(…etc.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but I copy complicated nested formulas into an editor called Notepad++ to help identify proper places for parentheticals. Whenever an opening or closing parenthetical is highlighted in the editor, the corresponding open or close is also highlighted. I’d have an awful time without it.

If the conditions are mutually exclusive (for instance, if you’re using RBICS codes as your condition), you can use addition instead of nesting. In that case, Eval(cond1,f1,Eval(cond2,f2)) = Eval(cond1,f1,0) + Eval(cond2,f2,0).

My tired old fingers thank you!