No Rank

Today one of my live models sold INTU with comment that there is no rank. How could that be? Is data not available for Intuit? Or is it because my stalestatement flag is set to 0?

Once reason for No Rank would be if the stock no longer passes your universe rules. Try setting ‘Force Positions into Universe’ on the Universe & Ranking tab to ‘Yes’ and rebalance and see if it still shows No Rank.

Thanks Dan for responding. However, this is not the case, as I am using an Inlist which remained static

Do you have the StaleStmt=0 in the universe definition? That would remove the stock from the universe and cause the No Rank.
If that is not the issue, then can you confirm that you are using the All Fundamentals universe or some other P123 universe with no rules added?

Dan - stalestatement flag is set to 0. I have a feeling it may be throwing out intuit because tle latest financials are not loaded in the database?
Universe is all fundamentals