Roadmap and Feature Requests have moved to the Forums

Dear All,

We moved our Roadmap to its own category in the forums (it was previously hosted on Trello). You are encouraged to vote for the items in the pipeline. Comments also welcome.

We also relocated Feature Requests to the forums in a new category. Please bear with us, this is a work in progress. There were over 900+ outstanding requests: some were very old, some no longer apply, and we just needed a reset (in fairness we did implement around 400). The old votes were also not carried over, so we encourage you to vote anew for your support. We will be slowly moving the old ones that were more popular into the new category so it does not overwhelm.

Let us know your thoughts. Thank You

Click here to view the new categories.

New Categories

NOTE: You can still access the old feature request system here but the links to the discussions will not work.