RSC Mansfield


I am trying to implement the RSC Mansfield indicator to make a ranking of those actions that are better than the Benchmark (SPY).

The indicator is a quotient between the comparison of the value of the share and that of the Benchmark with respect to the average value of the last 250 closings.

I have tried to do the formula but I get the error of not finding the Benchmark data series.

How could I do it?

this is my proposed formula…

( ( (Close(0)/Close(0,#Bench))/ (SMA(250,(Close(0)/Close(0,#Bench)))/250) ) -1 ) * 10

And this is the message that appears…

Ranking failed on 07/28/2012: In ‘JLG - Mansfield’-> In ‘Mansfield’-> Benchmark is undefined for function Close()

The SMA function requires the following format: SMA(bars [,offset,series]). So it can’t be used in combination with Close. You probably want SMA(250,0,#Bench), or perhaps SMA(250)/SMA(250,0,#Bench).

Also keep in mind that the #Bench series is undefined in ranking systems. In ranking systems, you’ll need to use $SP500 or whatever other benchmark you want.

the formula may not be exactly the same but it has been a good solution.

Thank you