Screen question: dividend aristocrats

I’m trying to figure out my first screen, a simple one, screen for dividend aristocrat stocks. A simple one parameter screen that has dividend increases for the last 25 years. Can this be done with p123?


Well, I don’t have 25 years of history through p123, but I can test the last 19/20 years of increasing annual dividends paid with this rule:

LoopSum("DivPaid(CTR, ANN) > DivPaid(CTR+1, ANN)", 19) = 19

I count 81 stocks currently, starting from the Easy to Trade US universe.


I figured out last night this formula but couldn’t understand why it would only take 19 as a max parameter. Now I know why: p123 only has 20 years dividend data with this subscription so obviously dividend aristocrats or dividend kings are out of the question.

I’m curious if there no way to access fundamental data for companies that includes how long dividends have been paid? Or if dividends have been increased over time etc?