Screener Question

  1. Is there a posibitlity to search for earnings estimate updates that happened one day ago?
  2. If not is there a possibility to exclude stocks that have been in the screen within the last 5 Days.

I would like to see earnings that have been updated into the database yesterday

Any help very much appreciated. Thank you !!!

It is possible to find that out

Example ICT was in the screen since Jan 6th and then appeard regulary afterwards.
But the interesting (e.g. the first one, since a longer time ago) has happened overnight from 5 to 6th, so it was a “fresh” earnings update. Those stocks are interesting, not the stocks that already have priced in the earnings update. Hard to describe for me, I hope it makes sense

I’m afraid we can only compare estimates to those of one week ago, not one day ago.