Seamlessly share formulas and ranking systems with Groups

Dear All,

We have revamped our Group Sharing functionality specifically for Formulas and Ranking Systems. Previously it was very tedious to collaborate with other users on a strategy because formulas and ranking systems needed to be copied first. You can now seamlessly use these shared components without copying them first (the other components still require copying to your own account). This should make collaboration a lot easier for Ranking System and Formulas, and strategies that use them (to create or join a Group go to RESOURCES→Research Groups)

The following UI/UX changes were also implemented:

  • You can use a shared ranking system directly in a strategy or screen. Click on the folder Group Ranking System to find them.
  • Group Formulas can be used directly in rules. A new category in the Reference displays the group's formulas (currently only one group can be selected to share its formulas)
  • A new folder appears on the left sidebar for Ranking Systems and Formulas to quickly access those group components. See image below

It's been a while since we haven't made changes to collaborative feature. Let us know what other things are needed.

Thank You

NOTE: Components that are flagged as Public (anyone can see them) still require a copy into your account before they can be used.

Sidebar Group Folders