Setting up a 2nd account in IB for TRADE


I currently have an IRA account with IB and am successfully using TRADE with it. I’m currently now in the process of setting up a new seperate taxable margin brokerage account with them. From the documentation about setting up an IB account with TRADE

To set up TRADE functionality on this new 2nd taxable brokerage account, do I need to scan my identification and sign the disclosure release and email to IB again? Or since I’ve already done this previously for my IRA account can I just link my new account in TRADE without going through that step again (Im sure the lawyers want me to go through the process the 2nd time, but I just wanted to make sure)?

Could someone comment on this please? If you want to have a second IB account connected to TRADE (instead of just submitting a book of strategies to a single account) - how would you do so? I would like to do this.


You will need to ask IB Or maybe someone that has more than one TRADE account can answer. My guess is that IB wants everything again :frowning:

I have a Taxable and an IRA account with IB. Had to go through the full process for both to set up TRADE. And maybe it was the way I set it up, but I had two completely different security key authentication protocols to access each account(which was a pain). I had one security key generator app on my main smartphone for my taxable brokerage and a seperate one set up on an old phone that I had kept around for my IRA. Wouldn’t recommend it. It got so cumbersome I just rolled everything over to Schwab once they started offering $4.95/trade, since I don’t really use algos and do manual limit orders.