ShowVar the next earnings date

Is there a way to ShowVar the next earnings date? I’m aware of WeeksToQ, etc. But I want to display the actual date so that I can sort on the field within the screener.

Agreed. That would be such a welcome addition!

We estimate those dates relying on the previous earnings date. See That’s why we only have it in weeks, not days–because it’s a rough estimation.

You could, if you want, create a formula that gives you the previous earnings date last year and sort on that.

So the ER dates shown on the snapshot page are all estimates? I didn’t know that.

Image 11-1-23 at 5.56 PM

That’s a nice suggestion, Yuval. Can you pls help write the formula since I cannot seem to find the previous year’s earnings release date.

No, the earnings release dates shown on the snapshot page are provided to us by Benzinga. See the Earnings Center (under Manage in the main menu). We have not integrated that data with the data that you can use in screens and simulations. If there is strong demand for it we can do so down the road.

Try this: showvar(@lastyearsreleasedate,FHist("LatestNewsDate",39))