Something odd in EPS estimates

I have this screen for looking at EPS estimates:

I'm looking at this particular stock (AEYE) and both of these formulas return true (meaning less then zero) even though the two data values in each formula appear to be the same, which means they should not be less than zero. They should equal zero.

What am I missing?

(NextQEPSMean - NextQEPS1WkAgo) < 0
(CurFYEPSMean - CurFYEPS1WkAgo) < 0


Hi Tony,
Expand the precision to 4 on the screener and you will see they are a little different.

Ahh! Thanks Dan. So there are two analysts on this particular stock.
Is there a way to see each of their estimates?
And if not in P123, some other data source?


Hi Tony,
P123 doesn't have the individual estimates. I don't know which other sites would have those.

But in this case there are only 2 analysts for this stock, so the high/low data shows their estimates. This is from Panels:

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