Stock Compare tool redesigned

Dear All,

We have released a much-improved version of the Stock Compare tool. The highlights of the new version are:

  • Compare up to 50 stocks (depending on your subscription level).
  • Stock lists can be based on industry or subindustry and also from your accounts, strategies and watchlists as well as P123 watchlists.
  • New predefined reports, many new factors.
  • Several new scoring methods that allow you to , for example, do a simplified multi factor rank
  • Added a new concept of the ‘Reference Stock’
  • Ability to export reports.

See this Knowledge Base page for additional details and some ideas on ways to use this tool.

You will find some examples of use cases like:

See if a scoring system worked in the past
To do this run a compare report in the past and add 1Y future performance as one of the items in the report

Compare the fundamentals today to a point in the past
Is AMZN overvalued compared to itself 5 years ago? Simply add AMZN twice to the report. Once as the reference stock and set the reference data in the past. You will quickly see all the factors of the past vs today.

To access stock compare go to DATA->Stock Compare or select Compare from the menus of watchlists and strategies.

Hope you enjoy it . Let us know what you think.

So it appears AMZN is a better value compared to AMZN of 5 Y ago. Here’s the report ‘Value Rank’ of stock compare which has about 20 factors. The AMZN of today scores better (28) vs the AMZN of 5Y ago (23) .

NOTE: I just spotted a small bug. Share Holder yield is 0 for both Amazons , yet one gets a better score. Should be a quick fix.

Well, let me be the first to say thanks and wow! How is it that I use P123 everyday and I get the feeling that I really only use about 25% of its ability? I am constantly finding tools and features I didn’t know existed - or at least I didn’t know their full capacity.

This is going to be super helpful! To be honest, I think P123 has about 10 separate businesses under the hood. Thank you.

That’s excellent. Great work Marco and thanks to everyone on the team.

I’d never noticed - but this is a nice tool, and useful. I had been toggling between panels on company reports, but this puts lots of good info on the same page for different companies.