StockID now added to the Issues page

Dear All,

We added the StockID in the Issues page. For example you can now quickly get SPY StockID (24262) right here.

The motivation for doing this is that you can use the StockID in any technical function that has a “series” parameter. For example this rule evaluates to TRUE when SPY is above the 50 bar average

Close(0, 24262) > SMA(50, 0, 24262)

This is equivalent to

Close(0, GetSeries(“SPY:USA”)) > SMA(50, 0, GetSeries(“SPY:USA”))

Some clarity is lost using StockID, but it has two big advantages:

  • Easier to type
  • Ticker changes do not affect your rules

You can also search by StockID now. Try typing 24262 in the search box:

Lastly, the reference for the “series” parameter and for the GetSeries() function has also been rewritten for more clarity, and with better examples.


Speaking of time-series, why are some series, like indices specified with a $ and others with #?

It’s messy now. That’s what happens when you keep bolting on stuff. The $ was meant to represent data series we get from our vendor that are not stocks nor etfs, so mostly indices (which don’t include dividends). The ## was to clearly identify series from FRED. The single # overlaps with several things like Compustat macro data (which will be deprecated), parameter constants, and time series.

At some point we will brainstorm a cleanup and do a find/replace so your formulas are not affected.

Also, something new. you can now also type a StockId in the search box. That way you can quickly look up what an id corresponds to. Try typing 24262 or 4737 in the search box. I edited the original post in this thread with a screenshot.