stockID source?

Is stockID based on an standard or is it a p123 assigned number?

I think the Stock ID reflects to order in which the stock was added to P123’s database. I could probably find the link in the forum but I am pretty sure Marco said this in the context of pointing out how odd and even is truly random (or a very good pseudorandom method).

correct. it’s just an internal p123 number. Nothing should be inferred from it other than it’s unique, random, and has a 1-to-1 relationship to the data vendor’s unique issue. In FactSet it’s the regional id, in Compustat it’s the GVKEY+IID.

N.B. Sure, higher values likely correspond to newer stocks, but no guarantees.

Ok, Thanks!

I was planning on mapping StockID to Industry for ML purposes. Realized that I can do that with the DataMiner and Universe Rules - e.g. run DM for each Industry and then cat the results. Not fun, but the API may be able to do the same and be much easier.